Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

At Hydrualic Exchange we service valves from all major manufacturers. We are proud to service these hydraulic components and ensure proper functioning. We have all of our valves tested for internal and external leakage, flow capacity, proper pilot pressure, spool movement, and overall performance. We dedicated tests stat ensure these functions are properly running. Our fast turnaround time with expert technicians ensure a quick easy fix to all of your hydraulic valves. We Sell and Service many major manufactures such as:

  • Vickers/Eaton
  • Denison
  • Parker
  • Double-A
  • Bosch/Racine/Rexroth
  • and many more!



Rexroth Hydraulic Flow Control Valve Series    Z2F, MH2, 2FR, Z4S

Vickers Hydraulic Flow Control Valve Series    FG06, FG03, FN20, FRG, EFN, FCGT


Vickers Hydraulic Flow Control ValveParker Hydraulic Flow Control Valve