Auxiliary Hydraulic Power Unit

auxiliary hydraulic power unit doubleauxiliary hydraulic power unit singleAHPU-DB1631  Dual Function Auxiliary Hydraulic Power Unit


This Power Unit provides the flexibility of being used in both Double Acting applications Power Up / Power Down and Single Acting applications Power Up / Gravity Down. Also is a great option for Back-Up power utilizing a Standard 12v Battery for its power source. The Standard Controller lets you select between Double Acting and Single Acting using the left and right arrow buttons. The Up and Down arrow buttons fire the unit in the direction required. There are many controller options available depending on specific applications defined prior to shipment.

******* Standard 12 V Battery Required, not included


Motor – 12 Volts D.C., 1 Terminal, Standard Duty, Pump – A.F.C. 2.5 CC/REV. (.153 CU.IN./REV.), Relief – Adjustable Relief valve set at 500 PSI adjustable relief valve, Adjustable Relief valve set at 2500 PSI adjustable relief valve, Endhead – 9/16 SAE Pressure-Return Ports (A & B) (2) 3/8-16 TAP X .38 DEEP MTG. HOLES, Tank – 2.0 Gallon (372 CU.IN Usable) Horizontal Mounting with Breather-Fill Port (Other Sizes Available), Valving – Anti-Motorizing Check Valve, 10VDC 2P4W N.C. Directional Valve, 10VDC 2P4W N.C. Release Valve, Unit Performance – Port “A” – 1.4 GPM @ 2000 PSI 11.7 Volts DC & 220 Amps, Port “B” – 2.60 GPM @ 300 PSI at 11.7 Volts DC & 110 Amps at 45 CENTISTOKES (200 SSU), Intermittent Duty

auxiliary hydraulic power unit aauxiliary hydraulic power unit b