Product & Services

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Exchange has superior service in this area. We can have products and services that are unmatchable in the area. Hydraulic Exchange specializes in Hydraulic Pumps that consist of piston, vane, current, new, obsolete and rebuilt. We have a few units in stock however we have capabilities of complete testing and calibration.

Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic Exchange can service hydraulic motors such as vane, piston, and gerotor. We have load testing capabilities with knowledgeable service technicians working on your product efficiently as possible.

Hydraulic Valves

There are several Hydraulic Valves we can work on as well such as pressure valves, directional and flow control. Stack valves, relief valves, and check valves are some others we specialize in. Hydraulic Exchange can run your valve through the testing to qualify them under the industry standards.


Hydraulic Exchange offers calibration, repair, and testing on all types of servo and proportional controls. Repairs of electronic components are done by trained technicians.

Components & Parts

If your interested in components or specific parts for your hydraulic pumps, valves, filters, and motors please contact us for the specifics of each component. We will be happy to aid in the repair or replacement of these core components.

Repair Services

Hydraulic Exchange offers superior repair services in the industry. Contact us for more information on how we can help or see our specific repair services tab.

DC Assembly Tool Repair Services

Hydraulic Exchange offers DC Assembly Tool Repair Service.  Controller, Inline-Right Angle Nutrunner, and Calibraton.

Uryu Pulse Tools

Hydraulic Exchange offers Reconditioned Uryu Pulse Tools. These tools are Reconditioned and Tested.